I calculated how much I spent each week on food, then factored in the time cost that I would save, going to the shops, trying to work out what to eat, getting variety, cooking, plus cleaning up after. I thought to myself – ‘What could I better use this time doing?’ Core Meals has made my life so much easier, plus when life gets busy, I am never caught out having to by expensive, grab and go food which don’t fill me up.

Jade P, Maidstone


Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal when making your order. Our meals are prepared in a kitchen where nuts are stored and used in certain meals. Other meals may contain traces of nuts.  

Some of our meals may also contain small bones.

How it works

Choose your plan

Choose from our lean, balance or gain ranges of meals. To tell you a little more, we have detailed below the calorie range for these and why we designed them.

Lean Range(300 – 400 calories) For creating a calorie deficit and weight loss.

Balance Range(450 – 600 calories ) For maintenance and healthy eating.

Gain Range(700 – 1200 calories) For muscle gain, and bulking.

If you are looking for all your daily meals to be prepared, you can select different meals across the ranges to reach your macro goals.gain, weight loss or maintenance.

Please note: our vegetarian meals are currently only available in our balance range.

Choose how many meals

Choose how many meals a day you would like and how many days per a week. Add in breakfast and snacks to complete your daily prep.

Note on your order details your dietary requirements/ food intolerance's (e.g. Fish/ tomatoes) We will then send you a variety of meals, avoiding these.


PLEASE NOTE: We are currently only delivering to the Maidstone and Medway areas.

Meals are delivered to your door on Sunday evenings between 4pm- 9.30pm and Wednesday between 6pm- 9.30pm. (Order by 5pm the day prior to get your meals sent out the next day.)

Orders less than 10 meals are sent in one delivery, over this amount it will be two deliveries for ultimate freshness.


Enjoy your handmade, nutritionally balanced meals. Leaving you free to do anything that’s not, food shopping, prepping, cooking, washing up!